How Many Times Did You Kiss Your Baby Today?

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Today I had a thought.

I wonder how many times a day I kiss you?

Or how many times I've kissed you since you were born?

Or how many kisses it'll be by the time that you're all grown ?


You see, I kiss you when you wake,

That's at least 10,

I kiss you when I feed you,

That's at least another 20 by then.

I kiss your belly, your rolls and your cheeks,

I kiss you when I'm changing your nappy,

That's definitely another 20,

Anything to see you grin and be happy.

By midday I've smushed and smothered,
I've kissed and squeezed and cuddled,
I've dried your tears,
Picked wax out your ears,
But that's why the word MOTHER is in smothered.

Some people will say that you're spoilt,

But we don't give a shit about them,

'Cause what they don't realise is the way that society lies about how we are supposed to treat children.

By afternoon I must've kissed you a thousand times,

From your head to your nose to your feet,

I've held your face to mine,

Prayed for nap time,

Only to kiss and miss you while you sleep.

By the end of the day I am knackered,

Feeling like my body is broken and mind shattered,

I give you your last feed,

Attend to all your needs,

Then get you ready for a good night's sleep.

But by the end of our day before I put you you to bed,

I make sure that I kiss you again and again,

Cause the days are long,

But the years are short,

So I will hold you close to my heart,

Loved and cuddled and rocked and kissed,

'Cause what society doesn't teach,

Is about a day that all our babies reach,

When your small days will be missed.

Your mama.


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