This package contains


postnatal sessions with me and this includes:


Helping you with breastfeeding/ feeding advice.


Helping you with sleep support.


Answering any queries you have in person.


Being available via phone call for any queries for up to 6 weeks postnatally.

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At the end of our postnatal sessions, or at any point after your birth, it would be great if you

could leave a review of the services you received on the new ConsultMyBaby Google page.

This helps to make the next mum's pregnancy and birth choices just that little bit easier. All

you have to do is Google search:

ConsultMyBaby Doula

and then click "Write a Review".


If you wish to book more postnatal sessions

, here are some further services available:


1- to -1 postnatal session for dads only to talk about being a new parent, answering

any queries, addressing any issues and expressing thoughts on parenthood/ dad life

in a safe & understanding environment. Perfect also if your partner feels stuck with

how to support you postnatally or how to balance parent/ regular life.


Looking after baby whilst you sleep, eat, shower or go out

(if you wish to go out, I will need a list of emergency contact numbers handy)


Freezer filling & cooking


1 hr Full Body Postnatal Massage

(some conditions apply - eg. The type of birth you had and how many weeks

postpartum you are. If you want to book this option then I will need to know in

advance in order to prepare. For more of an idea of how massage with me works,

what products I use and prices please visit my massage page at:



Helping you with ironing and light housework (eg dishes/ dishwasher etc)

To book additional postnatal sessions let me know via Whatsapp, or to book postnatal

massage you can message me or book through my website


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is limited -
make sure you book fast!
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