Emergency Doula

Are you already in labour and want a doula?

Perhaps your birth is not going to plan and you have found yourself in hospital really wanting a doula.

This service is for those last minute / emergency situations.

This service is charged on a per hour basis at: £20 per hour

In order to get your message to me as quickly as possible, please email yasmin@consultmybaby.com with the words EMERGENCY DOULA in the subject line along with your name, telephone number, situation and location.


Alternatively, if you see me online in the live chat, please send me a message there.

I may or may not be able to get to you depending on the timing and depending on your location. I will do my best to be your emergency doula or if I cannot, to speak to my contacts and source you another doula.

In some circumstances there may not be anyone available to join you in person. In those instances, telephone support is available instead.

is limited -
make sure you book fast!
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