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Full Spectrum Doula

I'm Yasmin. A full spectrum doula passionate about reproductive justice, women's rights and women having the freedom to choose.

What is a full spectrum doula?

A full spectrum doula is someone who supports you through pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, loss, miscarriage and even death.

...and what do I mean by "choose"?

To choose whether or not to be pregnant.

To choose whether or not to keep that pregnancy.

To decide, if you choose to keep the pregnancy, how and where you want to birth your baby.

To choose to pursue IVF if a baby is what you want.

To choose to be treated fairly and kindly if you have a loss or miscarriage.

As a woman and a mama of colour am a particular advocate of reproductive justice for women of colour. Recent research has shown that black women are 5* more likely and Asian women 2* more likely to die in childbirth. (Based on 2018 MBRACE-UK report).


At the moment my doula focus is on abortions and birth. I am also available as an emergency doula.


As an abortion doula I understand that not every woman's reaction to being pregnant is a positive one.

My job is not to ask how or why, my job is simply to support you before, during and after your procedure for as long as is necessary.

Click on this section for more information on how I can support you.



Get in touch if you are looking for a birth doula. Whether you are a first, second or more time mama, I can be there to support you.

All of my packages come with a minimum of 1 antenatal session, on call from weeks 38-42 and a minimum of 1 postnatal session too.

Click on this section to find out more about my packages.


Are you close to birth or already in labour and want a doula?

Perhaps your birth is not going to plan and you have found yourself in hospital really wanting a doula.

This service is for those last minute / emergency situations.

Click on this section to arrange an emergency doula now.

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