Breastfeeding & Sleep HELP

These two subjects are probably the most common two words that come out of every parents mouth in the first year of parenthood.

The award for most FAQ goes to: When will my baby sleep through the night?

Other things I get asked include:

  • How do I breastfeed properly?

  • Why is breastfeeding painful?

  • Is it ok to stop breastfeeding?

  • How to I get my baby to nap?

  • How do I get my baby to stop sleeping on me/ in our bed/ in the car/ in the buggy/ in the sling...

Some of these questions may be very familiar.

Fear not. You are not alone. I can guarantee you that thousands, if not millions of mums around the world are awake with you right now (perhaps reading this?) and thinking the exact same question.


So let's straighten out a few things:

1. Whoever said that babies sleep a lot was lying. Babies wake very frequently in order to feed and at the most irritating times (like when you have JUST managed to fall asleep for 30 seconds).

2. Breastfeeding is actually hard. Even mums who make breastfeeding look like a breeze probably took some effort (I really mean sleepless crying nights) to make it work - but fear not! It can work for you too. A lot of issues are down to latch and positioning which is very fixable!

3. "Nap when the baby naps". Whoever says this also needs to be put on mute. As you may well already know - whether you have a newborn baby or a 16 month old #boddler ie. baby-toddler... you can't always nap when they do. Sometimes you need to actually do things (god forbid you need to eat or shower leisurely or scroll through Google asking how long babies should sleep for before you wake them up?). However, occasionally, this can be useful - especially if your baby sleeps in a regular pattern - definitely get some sleep if you can.

4. Oh and to those NCT mums who brag about how "well myyyyyy baby has been sleeping through the night from it's second week..." shut the fuck up. No one cares. Especially not the sleep deprived, irritable, hungry, unwashed/ scraggy, birth traumatised, barely-keeping-shit-together mamas. We get it, your baby sleeps well, but did you consider that maybe the mama you're with doesn't want to talk about sleep or poop for the 1 millionth time?

5. Studies show that "through the night" means sleeping a period of 5 hours or more. If you have a newborn you can expect more frequent wakings as their little stomachs hold less milk and digest pretty quickly - hence the need to wake up to eat. However, if your baby or #boddler can pull 4 and a half or 5 hours - that's pretty amazing (even if it IS at the most inconvenient time like 7am to 11.30am - this will change I promise).

How do I fix it?

STEP 1:  If you have made it this far then you are already on track to getting things sorted. If the issue is pretty minor, then have a look in my blog section (under the header of breastfeeding) to see if you can find the answer to the problem. 

STEP 2:  If you haven't managed to find the answer in the ConsultMyBaby blog section then have a look at the packages below and I will help fix the issue.


This package includes a 4 hour in person consultation.

1. You fill out 48 hours worth of the ConsultMyBaby feeding diary.

2. I analyse this before meeting you.

3. I come to where you are* and observe your feeding sessions, point out the issue(s) and help you fix them.

4. I give you unlimited phone and email support** for the following 4 weeks


This package includes a 4 hour in person consultation.

1. You fill out 3 days worth of the ConsultMyBaby sleep diary.

2. I analyse this before meeting you.

3. I come to where you are* observe your sleep routine (even if there isn't one, that is still one!), your environment, your technique and your baby then I point out the issue(s) and help you fix them.

4. I give you unlimited phone and email support** for the following 4 weeks

Online help

This package is great for those of you with simple feeding/ sleep problems. 

This package is also great for those of you who are outside London or the UK and would like to book online help. 

This package includes a 45 minute online video call.

1. You fill out either the sleep or feeding diary depending on the issue.

2. I analyse this before speaking with you.

3. We connect on a call where I spend 45 minutes discussing how to fix the issues that I have picked up from our chat and from the sleep diary.


This package is for those who need in person breastfeeding or sleep help and who live outside of London* or outside of the UK.

At the moment, this package is fully booked and will be available again from September 2019.

* At the moment I am only taking in person clients that are within London or in exceptional circumstances in areas such as St Albans, Hatfield, Stevenage and Rickmansworth. Do get in touch anyway as I can connect you with other sleep specialists registered on the ConsultMyBaby Directory.

** Within business hours between 9am and 6.30pm

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