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Yasmin Aly

Founder & CEO of ConsultMyBaby.com - By Yasmin

Full Spectrum Doula

Antenatal Teacher

Postnatal Care & Breastfeeding Specialist

Sleep Coach

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage Therapist

Parenting Expert


I'm Yasmin, mum to Dre and founder of ConsultMyBaby.com - Yasmin.

I am a full spectrum doula (ie. the entire spectrum of life until death) and I have a particular passion for helping women who are:

  • Pregnant and giving birth

  • Pregnant and wanting to have an abortion

  • Pregnant and wanting support following a traumatic previous birth

...and even more so if they are women of colour*

I also work as an antenatal teacher, postnatal care (maternity nurse) and breastfeeding specialist, sleep coach and massage therapist. I run antenatal & dads only birth prep classes, breastfeeding drop ins and mum meetups - you might also see me at mum, baby or wellbeing events. For more info on this check out the News & BLOG section.

My aim is to help women on every end of the reproductive spectrum - whether that be from conception to birth or from conception to abortion.

I am extremely passionate about reproductive justice, ensuring women's rights are heard in and out of the birth room and protecting women's space. 

"Thank you Yasmin for all the support you gave us during our homebirth.

Your research, intuition, sense of calm and strength is unparalleled"

- Sofie and Matt

I have worked with celebrities, CEO's. lawyers, politicians, diplomats and even royalty. No challenge is too big!

So here's how it works...

Have a look at my services - then - book or get in touch. Simple.

Have a question you want answering first? Or want something that you don't see here? Send me an email or chat with me on the live chat.

# Be supported


# Get INTENSIVE, PRACTICAL, PERSONALISED advice based on up-to-date research and techniques adapted especially for you, your baby and your lifestyle

# Find answers to all those questions (no matter how weird or wonderful!)

# Get awesome tips, tricks and tools through my toolkit

# Always get a happy, friendly welcome!

Mothering the mother

Whether you call because you are having your 5th baby or need some help with your choices - I will be there however you need me, lovingly.

reproductive justice

I am sick and tired of hearing stories of women who've been traumatised or treated unfairly/ unjustly during her labour, birth or even gynaecological exam. Time to do something about it.



I am all about empowering women with knowledge. Have the drs or midwives given you no choice and now you feel compelled to follow their advice without fully knowing the risks and benefits? This is where I come in. Research and evidence is my middle name.

HOLISTIC and spiritual

We will probably be a great match if you use any of the following words or phrases:



'I need more coffee'

'You can never have too many books'

...and my favourite: "I trust my body".

is limited -
make sure you book fast!
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